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Letters: Fighting fat with equal fervor

May 18, 2012

Re "It's time to serve up some big incentives to reduce obesity," Column, May 15

Americans seem to be bipolar when it comes to weight.

We are bombarded with conflicting messages in the media. We are told to strive for the hard bodies featured in the Nautilus ads, but no sooner has that commercial faded than a triple-bacon cheeseburger splats onto the screen, being consumed by a bikini model who likely subsists on tofu and kale.

We are constantly faced with choosing between need and want. We don't need all those extra calories any more than we need a TV in every room, but there are no ads extolling moderation; after all, what product would such an ad be selling?

Stephen C. Lee

La Habra

One sentence in David Lazarus' column managed to boil down the difference between the right and the left: "The harsh reality is that millions of Americans can't be trusted to look after their own well-being."

How many millions is Lazarus talking about? And who should be trusted to look after them? John Boehner? Barack Obama?

I applaud Lazarus' honesty. Not many people on the left are bold enough to state what motivates their policy decisions.

Mark Schneiderman

Bell Canyon

One idea to lower health insurance premium costs: How about letting people who aren't fat band together to buy health insurance? Freedom of association.

This is a possible entrepreneurial opportunity for someone. This is America, right?

Greg Clift

Anadarko, Okla.


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