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Letters: The media and Mitt Romney

May 19, 2012

Re "Romney's media handicap," Opinion, March 15

Jonah Goldberg wants "the media" to be nicer to Mitt Romney, and yet he calls 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry "a pompous human toothache." Surely this is the pot calling the kettle black.

Romney is properly on the hot seat for his selective memory and his evasive semi-apologies. You might not remember the name of the kid who sat behind you in calculus, or the name of the teacher, but you really ought to remember the kid who you held down while cutting his hair.

The witnesses are clear: It happened. It doesn't mean Romney would do it again now. He could just own up to what happened before we all heed Goldberg's call to hide everything under the table.

Philip Brimble

Los Angeles

As a gay man who was bullied for reasons unknown to him at the time (40-plus years ago), let me say to Goldberg that one does not forget cruelty no matter how long ago it happened.

Were it a Jewish kid who was held down and terrorized at that elite school all those years ago, would that be different? How about a black kid?

Thanks for proving that homophobia is still alive.

Rich von Kummer

Valley Village


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