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Letters: Kings have reason to howl

With L.A. one win from the Stanley Cup finals, it doesn't look like Phoenix will be rising.

May 19, 2012

The only thing that Kobe closed Wednesday night was the Lakers' chances in this series. After blowing that game, there's no way that the Lakers can catch the Thunder. Winning one game would be like catching lightning in a bottle.

Richard Katz

Los Angeles


Why does Mike Brown insist on Metta World Peace inbounding the ball in critical late-game situations? Metta's poor judgment /execution on the inbound has now cost us at least three games including the season opener against Chicago.

Memo to Metta: There is a reason Steve Blake was wide open in the corner. He had missed three of four previous three-point tries and was exactly whom the Thunder wanted to take the last shot.

Thomas Bailey

Long Beach


After that heartbreaking Game 2 loss, all I could do was think about how Chick would have reacted:

"The game was in the fridge. The door was closed. The Jell-o was jiggling. The butter was getting hard. But the Thunder was hungrier, sneaking in for a midnight snack."

Gary Ross

Beverly Hills


I'm not usually a big believer in karma, but it feels like the Lakers just got elbowed in the neck.

Michael Miyamoto

Mission Viejo


I was excited to see The Times' headline: "Brown Lists New Cuts To Close Deficit."

Unfortunately it was about Jerry, not Mike.

Jack Saltzberg

Sherman Oaks

Sterling effort

The Clippers' Game 7 win in Memphis was a great display of guts and team togetherness. And it's time to give some kudos to Donald Sterling.

He tried with Elton Brand and Baron Davis. They became frauds. Now he has assembled outstanding management, coaching, and an exciting, fun team. Way to go, Clips, and the Donald.

Vance Lerner


Not a hit

Has there ever been a better time to be a sportswriter in L.A.? Unless of course you are covering the Angels.

Richard Whorton

Valley Village


So Mike Scioscia is upset at the general manager about firing Mickey Hatcher. I'm still upset about the previous general manager trading away Mike Napoli, which was obviously Scioscia's brilliant idea. Don't worry, Mike. We'll both get over it one of these days.

Ron Reeve



So Mickey Hatcher is the sacrificial lamb? I'm sure the Angels will now win the division, right? Wrong. The voice the players are tired of listening to is Mike Scioscia's. How can you blame Hatcher for Pujols and Wells? He certainly seems to be doing his job with Trout and Trumbo — you know, the kids who need it the most.

The bottom line is simple: The Angels are in trouble, a lot of trouble. Vernon Wells and Albert Pujols have destroyed the franchise and Mike Scioscia pulled the trigger. If the Angels hadn't traded Juan Rivera and Mike Napoli and instead signed Adrian Beltre, they would be set for the next decade and used the extra money to get real need — relief pitching. This is what happens when you give a manager too much power. Fire Scioscia ... not Hatcher.

Geno Apicella



News item: Angels fire Hatcher.

Reaction: This would have been a good move — in 2004.

Craig L. Dunkin

Los Angeles

Yes we can

At Staples Center, can we officially designate this as Crammy Week?

Howard Mationg



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