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Kim Kardashian takes heels and award-winning bum on a nature walk

May 21, 2012|By Amy Hubbard
  • Kim Kardashian, in London last week to launch her new perfume, reportedly has been singled out by Zoo magazine.
Kim Kardashian, in London last week to launch her new perfume, reportedly… (Tim Whitby / Getty Images )

Kim Kardashian -- even Kanye-free -- can keep a global audience enthralled simply by wearing stilettos in the dirt.

A day after Season 7 of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" kicked off, Kardashian reportedly was doing some filming in London for a future episode and decided to take her 5-inch heels for a ramble in the great outdoors -- yes, off the sidewalk. Kanye West, her favorite hand-holder of late, was not with her.

Somehow, she managed not to sink into the ground -- if she had, without a doubt there would be pictures of the socialite up to her arches in the dirt, an extremely annoying occurrence, as any woman who wears heels can attest. And these were some slammin' heels: black cap toes, transparent on the sides, red soles.

Red and black are favorite shades for Kim.  Those also are the colors of the lingerie she wears on the cover of Zoo magazine, which (under the category of Dubious Honors) has named her hottest woman in the world. We won't link here (Zoo is not a family publication by any stretch of the imagination).

The Telegraph was more specific about the honor: Kardashian was voted as having the "best bum."

She beat out Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson and Pixie Lott (an English starlet, apparently with a exceptional posterior).

Meanwhile, if you are among those keeping up with the Kardashians, on Sunday night Kris Jenner was shocked, shocked that the question of Khloe's paternity was still in the news. Will Khloe get that DNA test, or won't she?  The world awaits the outcome.


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