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Will Smith slaps reporter, manages not to let it ruin his week

May 21, 2012|By Amy Hubbard

Will Smith, as seen in a video at the Moscow premiere of "Men in Black III,"  dealt a shove, an annoyed expression and a backhand slap to a Ukrainian reporter who seemed intent on enveloping the actor in his arms. 

Three steps farther along the red carpet, as the TMZ video shows, Smith's sunny smile was back on his face. He seemed to be making an effort to shake off the heebie jeebies from the extremely affectionate reporter. 

The reporter, Vitalii Sediuk, may have a weakness for celebrities. According to Forbes magazine, he presented Madonna with a bouquet of purple hydrangeas last fall.  She wasn't thrilled, saying she "loathed" hydrangeas.

Given the choice, Smith likely would have preferred the flowers.

But Smith hasn't let last Friday's kerfuffle mar his promotion of the new "Men in Black," in which he teams again with Tommy Lee Jones, with Josh Brolin along for the ride. The film is set to open on Friday. 

Earlier last week, Smith also attended the premiere of the film in London.  In a BBC interview, he talked about the film and aliens, and about the possibility that he could play President Obama on film -- an idea that Smith welcomed.

Noting that Smith is known for his good humor and sense of fun, the BBC reporter asked what irritates him, what is his "bugbear"? 

Smith likely taped the interview before Friday's encounter with Sediuk, or his answer might have been: reporters with wandering lips.


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