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Letters: Google's 'customer service'

May 22, 2012

Re "Is it possible to get a human on the phone at Google?," Column, May 18

I agree with David Lazarus that it is frustrating to be unable to contact a "live" person for customer service. Some companies offer free live help for a limited time after you buy a product. Before I buy a product that may require help to use, I always ask about the customer support policy.

Google, however, is a totally different issue. It is not charging for the use of its search engine. Its revenue comes from advertisers, which I am sure have no problem contacting Google by phone to talk with a sales rep.

I can understand Google not providing live telephone support because the users pay nothing for services. Perhaps Google should offer phone support to those who want it and charge $25 or $50 a call. Those who aren't satisfied should just use a different search engine.

David Powell



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