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Letters: What real poverty looks like

May 22, 2012

Re "When all else fails, rob the poor," Opinion, May 17

So the poor are arrested for breaking minor laws. How horrible. Let me tell you how real poverty worked in the past.

My grandfather died at age 38, leaving behind a wife and four children. My grandmother never asked for welfare and never borrowed from loan sharks. She had no problem with the law.

My mother and her three siblings were taught to value education. They survived it all and became members of the Greatest Generation, those heroes of the Depression and World War II.

So, please, no more hand-wringing about today's deprived and destitute.

Sheldon Welles

Pacific Palisades

No question that the plight of the poor as enumerated by Barbara Ehrenreich is heart-rending. Interestingly, however, among all the injustices inflicted on the poor as listed, several clearly reflect results of irresponsible behavior that she fails to mention.

Thomas A. Edelman

Santa Monica


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