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Letters: Following Oregon's lead on Native American mascots

May 23, 2012

Re "Oregon forbids Native American mascots," May 20

Native Americans have faced numerous battles. They have been victims of genocide — and people continue to view them as mascots?

Team mascots are typically animals, occupations and objects. With so many Native American mascots, are Native Americans part of that group as well? Nobody seems to care about the things these people have already faced.

I am glad some are finally reversing course. Every board of education throughout the country should follow Oregon's lead and ban such offensive mascots. I hope professional teams such as the Redskins, Braves, Chiefs and Warriors take initiative as well.

Mayra Sarinana

Santa Ana

Oregon's ban on Native American mascots reminds one of the effort of some religious zealots to rename the Mission Viejo High School Diablos.

The misguided and destructive tendency to shield our youth or any of us from anything "offensive" treads on the rights of the majority. Some people can find offense in almost anything. Being alive means being offended occasionally, and most of us develop backbone enough to tolerate it.

Milt Rouse

Dana Point


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