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Letters: Washington dysfunction isn't Obama's fault

May 24, 2012

Re "The DIY generation," Opinion, May 20

Neal Gabler points out what to me is puzzling and disturbing: the public's — particularly the young public's — perception of President Obama as disappointing and ineffective. Their response: Forget using the voting booth as a means for change and instead get out there and meet social needs directly.

Doing it yourself is a welcome first step. This young public, though — and the voting public as a whole — should now leverage its DIY response. This requires an understanding of the role an obstructionist Congress has played in thwarting change and instead prioritizing Obama's defeat. This DIY generation should work to replace the obstructionists with lawmakers who will give the president's promised change the support it deserves.

Just as important as the presidential election are local congressional votes. Prioritizing one over the other will just mean four more years of the unrealized change they voted for in 2008.

Edith Grady



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