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Letters: Not NIMBYism

May 25, 2012

Re "The old neighborhood," Editorial, May 20

I live on the block of Sierra Bonita Avenue discussed in your editorial. Opposition to Raya's Paradise's proposed facility for elderly dementia patients is not based on displeasure over seniors moving in down the street.

Parking is the main issue for me. I have often come home at night and been unable to find a spot on my own street. As a single, older woman, I find this to be problematic if not downright alarming. The proposed facility would mean staff and visitors, all of whom would need to park their cars.

I've lived here for 18 years and cherish the character of the neighborhood. A commercial facility on the street would change it irrevocably. I've talked with my neighbors, and we're troubled not by petty NIMBY concerns but by the way such a commercial facility would change our residential street into a crowded business area.

Mindi White

Los Angeles


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