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Letters: Kings are in, Lakers are out

Hockey takes center stage after a wild weekend at Staples Center.

May 25, 2012
  • Kobe Bryant, left, and the Lakers are usually favored over Anze Kopitar and the Kings to still be playing in June.
Kobe Bryant, left, and the Lakers are usually favored over Anze Kopitar… (Wally Skalij; Gina Ferazzi…)

Now that the Kings are back in the Stanley Cup playoffs, a little advice:

"The curvature of the blade of the stick shall be restricted in such a way that the distance of a perpendicular line measured from a straight line drawn from any point at the heel to the end of the blade to the point of maximum curvature shall not exceed three-quarter of an inch (¾")." NHL Rulebook, Rule 10.1.

George Pisano

Rancho Palos Verdes


Well, at least AEG won't have to worry about any more same-day hustle-and-bustle scheduling conflicts at Staples Center between the Kings' upcoming Stanley Cup series and any remaining Lakers/Clippers playoff games this season.

Mark J. Featherstone

Windsor Hills


See what happens when you cover the Kings' road games?

Dalia Freedman

Los Angeles


Where have all the people gone who were screaming for Dean Lombardi's scalp a couple of years ago and about the Dustin Penner trade last year?

Scott Daloisio



There once was a team from Phoenix

Whose goalie slashed players with sticks,

Their players got tossed

And cried when they lost,

Now Kings fans are getting their kicks.

Tony Cortes

Rancho Santa Margarita


I find it hilarious that the three Coyotes players (Martin Hanzal, Shane Doan and Mike Smith) that showed the most outward anger following Dustin Brown's hit on Michal Rozsival and Dustin Penner's subsequent series-clinching goal are the same three players who conveniently seemed to forget their own suspension-worthy actions in Game 2 of the series. Glass houses must be in short supply around the Phoenix area.

Mer Valdez

Long Beach


If the Kings go on to win the Stanley Cup, the only disappointment for us long-suffering Kings fans will be that we will be prevented from hearing Bob Miller say, "The Kings are the 2011-2012 Stanley Cup champions!"

Jeff Davine

West Hills

They're done

According to Kobe Bryant, team must be a two-letter word, spelled M E.

Cecil Worthington

Los Angeles


The Lakers don't have a mature and reliable center; maybe they can trade for one.

The Lakers don't have a heads-up point guard; maybe they can trade for one.

The Lakers have about diddly for players off the bench; maybe they can trade for some.

The Lakers have no heart, no soul, no team unity and no class; good luck trading for that!

Stephen Mattson

Los Osos


Because the Lakers have no first-round draft pick and are capped out of free agents, and the coaching staff doesn't seem to be able to get the teammates to play nice together, the fans might as well look to themselves to improve the current players. I invite Times readers to offer free advice. I'll start.

Memo to Steve Blake: In order to hit a jump shot, the basketball must be shot higher than the rim so that the ball descends down into the basket instead of scooting across the rim.

Richard Raffalow

Valley Glen


Sometimes you have to just man up, tip your hat and give credit where credit is due. The Lakers' owner, front office, and players were simply no match for David Stern and his swarming NBA trade veto power. Congratulations, Mr. Commissioner, you won.

Larry Yells

Hermosa Beach


I know that that Bynum and Gasol on many nights disprove the theory that bigger is better, that M.W. Peace leads the league in drawing the "what a dumb thing to do" comment and that the Blake/Sessions combo takes the two-wrongs-don't-make-a-right theory to new levels. Having said all that, I still am amazed that Kobe Bryant ( the great facilitator ) can play 40 minutes, handle the ball the majority of the time, fire up 33 shots and get zero assists. The great ones make the players around them better. Or not.

Bert Bergen

La Canada


Once upon a time, the Lakers epitomized Class. Now the "C" stands for Cancer, by way of Andrew Bynum. Maybe Kobe was right when he said "ship his [butt] out" all those years ago.

Eddie Khanbeigi

Yorba Linda


In crunch time Kobe hogs the ball, dribbles out the clock and then throws up a brick and a prayer. The next day he blames Pau Gasol for a lack of hustle. I'm not an expert, but I don't think this formula is working.

Craig Poletti

San Dimas


If (the former) Ron Artest can have "World Peace" on the back of his uniform, should Andrew Bynum have "Maturity," "Effort" or "Relentlessness" on his?

Mark Backstrom



Kobe Bryant misses eight of 10 shots in the final 12 minutes of Game 4 against the Thunder and emerges to offer that Pau Gasol "made a bad read" on a last-minute pass? Doesn't anyone in Los Angeles dare to confront Bryant's phenomenal conceit?

Konrad Moore



I can still hear the cheers of "MVP, MVP" when Kobe steps to the free-throw line. The Lakers' "closer" does remind me of MVP LeBron James — especially in the fourth quarter.

Jeffrey Stewart

Eagle Rock


I've set my snooze alarm to wake me when Kobe retires.

Mike Manis

Rancho Mirage


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