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Letters: Banning plastic bags

May 26, 2012

Re "L.A. OKs ban on plastic bags at checkout," May 24

It's troubling to see the Los Angeles City Council regulate commerce under the guise of protecting the environment. Not only is it affecting business in a negative way with its plastic-bag ban, but it is also imposing a fee on the consumer by mandating a charge on paper bags for them to complete their purchase.

The only ones who will benefit economically from this ban will be the makers of reusable bags, many of which are located overseas in countries such as China. I guess this is one way to promote trade.

Raul Perez


Bravo, Los Angeles, for taking action to reduce the amount of trash in the streets and in the ocean, the petroleum we use and the trash we send to landfills.

Let people whine for a little while; they will adjust.

Joseph DeMello

Long Beach

I was anxious to read the lead story on Page 1 of Thursday's Times about the plastic bag ban that was approved by the Los Angeles City Council.

But first I had to take the paper out of its, um, plastic bag.

Nancy Kaneshiro

Woodland Hills


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