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Mayweather, Tyson ... Bieber: He's been throwing punches lately

May 29, 2012|By Amy Hubbard
  • For the April/May issue of Complex, Justin Bieber was presented as bloodied and bruised. The pop star has shown interest in boxing, hitting the bag with Mike Tyson and also appearing in the ring at a Floyd Mayweather boxing match.
For the April/May issue of Complex, Justin Bieber was presented as bloodied… (Tony Kelly / Complex Music )

Justin Bieber allegedly struck a paparazzo over the weekend at an upscale Southern California shopping center.  Use of fists?  Coincidentally, that fits with Bieber's recent blood-and-boxing theme.

On May 5 in Las Vegas, the 18-year-old with one of the sweetest faces in pop music carried Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s title belts into the ring before the boxer's WBA super-welterweight title fight against Miguel Cotto.

On Sunday, Mike Tyson tweeted a picture of himself with Bieber: "Nice hanging out with @justinbieber & @alfredoflores."  As HuffPo reported, Bieber had a little training session last week with Tyson, working the heavy bag. Tyson posted video and tweeted about the session. 

For its April/May  10th anniversary "knock-out" special edition, Complex Music magazine presented Bieber on the cover as bloodied and bruised. A Complex video shows Biebs in the ring with heavily muscled competition.

Bieber told Complex he's not fond of paparazzi or their in-your-face techniques. And, he told the magazine, he doesn't like to be told to "get over it" or "suck it up" because he's rich and famous.

We definitely won't be telling him that.

The Times reported Tuesday about the police investigation into the incident between Bieber and a photographer over the weekend at a Calabasas shopping center. The investigation into possible misdemeanor battery could hinge on whether Bieber was acting in self-defense, a legal expert told L.A. Now.

Authorities are looking for witnesses, and, so far, Bieber's reps aren't talking.

Bieber himself may be in Europe.  He tweeted on Monday: "ok. going to board. OFF TO EUROPE. PHASE 1 of operation secret concerts! lol. OSLO first stop.  See u soon .... and ..."


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