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'Snow White's' Kristen Stewart says interviews are (gasp!) fun

May 30, 2012|By Amy Kaufman
  • Kristen Stewart talks to reporters at a Los Angeles screening of "Snow White and the Huntsman."
Kristen Stewart talks to reporters at a Los Angeles screening of "Snow… (Kevin Winter / Getty Images )

Kristen Stewart, like many celebrities, isn't particularly fond of doing interviews. But the 22-year-old is so press-averse that her discomfort during talk shows has often been physically noticeable: She stutters, taps her foot ferociously or avoids eye contact.

Now that it's been four years since the "Twilight" franchise launched the actress into the spotlight, however, Stewart says she's finally feeling more confidence doing press. In fact, she says interviews can even be -- gasp! -- "fun."

"I was sort of lunging back and forth over this boundary line," she said of her past awkwardness. "Now that I know where that is, everything makes lots of sense to me. Sometimes if people don't ask you certain questions, you don't think of things. It's really kind of valuable as well. It can be fun."

Stewart's newfound self-assurance comes just in time for a worldwide press tour for her latest film "Snow White and the Huntsman," out Friday. She turned up at the film's premiere in London this month, stopped in at the Cannes International Film Festival to promote a different movie, "On the Road," and then flew back to Los Angeles for a special screening of "Snow White" on Tuesday evening.

Though she's been dividing time talking about two very different roles -- a strong fairytale princess and Jack Kerouac's leading lady -- Stewart said she sees parallels between the characters.

"I think there's a line going through all of those characters right now, probably because of how old I am," she said. "They've all got this trust in overwhelming feeling and emotion and conviction that doesn't make sense yet."


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