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Chris Brown dressed as Taliban for Halloween

November 01, 2012|By August Brown
  • Chris Brown and his posse on Halloween 2012.
Chris Brown and his posse on Halloween 2012. (TMZ / Twitter )

Did Chris Brown Google "people with similar popularity ratings to Chris Brown" for Halloween costume ideas last night? That's the only explanation for why America's most unsavory R&B singer decided to dress up as a Taliban fighter for Rihanna's Halloween party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood.

Brown, most recently under fire for getting a tattoo that eerily resembled the bloodied face of onetime girlfriend Rihanna, donned a full headscarf, robe, fake beard and bullet chain with a crew of similarly attired peers for the party.

To announce one charming group photo of his posse holding fake guns aloft in the parking lot, he tweeted, "Ain't nobody [messing] wit my clique!!!!"

It's hard to muster much fresh outrage at new stories of Chris Brown doing something to imply violence and jaw-dropping misogyny. But he sure is making a spirited go at it.


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