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Letters: GM as a campaign issue

November 01, 2012

Re "Romney ad blasts Obama on auto industry," Oct. 30

The article states that one of Mitt Romney's ads "erroneously implies that the president's actions prompted a car manufacturer to send jobs overseas." That is probably true, but not nearly as outrageous as the president saying that Romney would have let General Motors go bankrupt or The Times citing Romney's "opposition to the auto bailout," both of which imply that Romney would have let GM go out of business.

In a 2008 New York Times op-ed article, Romney proposed saving GM through a bankruptcy restructuring with the government guaranteeing new loans that would be needed to keep it going. The president's deceiving of the public (with The Times' help) is much worse than what Romney is accused of doing in Ohio.

P.J. Gendell

Beverly Hills

Romney's obvious lie about Obama and the auto industry joins the long list of false statements and distortions that have marked his multi-year campaign to become president. Add these to his many changes of position on important issues and his disavowal of public statements he has made, and it becomes increasingly difficult to know exactly what Romney really stands for.

His only clear defining motive is his fierce ambition to be president.

Marvin Gluck



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