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Letters: Parsing the propositions

November 01, 2012

Re "Closer look at 4 measures," Column, Oct. 29

The near-unanimous support for Proposition 40 and the fact that its own sponsors have abandoned it, coupled with the murky and costly effects a "no" vote would bring, provide a rare insight into our electorate.

When all the votes are counted, we will not have a consensus on redistricting in California; what we will have is a precise tally of the percentage of citizens who have the slightest understanding of the propositions on which they are voting.

Sean Gannon

Los Angeles

George Skelton writes that Proposition 37, which would require the labeling of most genetically modified foods, is a "solution looking for a problem." He has been drinking the Kool-Aid put out by huge chemical companies.

Does he not wonder why the Consumers Union, the Sierra Club, the California Nurses Assn., the United Farm Workers, the Center for Food Safety, the American Public Health Assn., the Organic Consumers Assn., the Environmental Working Group and the Consumer Federation of America are all in favor of labeling genetically engineered food and have endorsed Proposition 37?

Karen Blechman

Santa Monica


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