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Letters: L.A.'s stray animals deserve better

November 01, 2012

Re "Stray animals need help," Column, Oct. 27

Kudos to Sandy Banks for her article on the conditions in South L.A.'s crowded animal shelter. Brenda Barnette, the general manager of L.A. Animal Services, has not provided an adequate explanation for why things have not improved, and surely other officials also must be held accountable.

It makes me so angry to think of all the money spent on political advertising when it could have been spent on clinics for the poor, children's school lunches or, yes, animals in dire straits.

Jesus did not say we are to serve shareholder value; he told us to serve others in need. As with those who can't care for themselves, animals that could be anyone's pet deserve help.

Bevan Manson


No, there are not enough free or low-cost spay and neuter services; yes, the "no-kill" policy is a joke; and yes, it's frustrating that the long-overdue opening of the new South L.A. shelter has been pushed back again. But the underlying cause of the deaths of tens of thousands of animals in Los Angeles shelters is the community.

The sooner the City Council and L.A. Animal Services formulate a serious plan for strategic, focused and sustained outreach into the communities that need it most, the sooner the elephant will leave the room.

Jane Garcia

Los Angeles


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