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Want your own Japanese city? Here's your chance

November 02, 2012|By David Lazarus
  • Mt. Fuji in Japan
Mt. Fuji in Japan (Chris Willson )

"Made in Japan" no longer has the same cachet it once enjoyed. But if you're in the market for your own Japanese city, here's your chance.

The cash-strapped city of Izumisano in Osaka Prefecture is offering to rename itself after the highest bidder. The reason: Izumisano owes its creditors about $1.25 billion.

"The city spent a lot of money building roads and other infrastructure because the airport was built in this relatively remote place," an official told Agence-France Presse. "The mayor believes the city government needs to seek new ways to make profit."

So if you're prepared to make a serious offer, Izumisano is ready to slap the name of your choosing all over itself. The only catch is that you need to sign a 10-year contract and make some meaningful gesture toward the city, such as moving there.

The naming-rights offer was originally made in June but, incredibly, no bids were submitted. So Izumisano is reaching out again.

For example, local authorities want you to know how much pride they take in their towel-making industry. Izumisano towels, apparently, will bow to no other towels.

Bidders have until the end of the month to come across with some yen.

I'm thinking I'm good for at least a c-note to dub Izumisano "Land o' Laz."

I'll be watching for your comments on your own naming suggestions.

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