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Dodgers marketing genius continues: 10 more bobbleheads!

November 02, 2012|By Steve Dilbeck
  • Dodgers co-owner Magic Johnson will get bobblehead and T-shirt nights next season at Dodger Stadium.
Dodgers co-owner Magic Johnson will get bobblehead and T-shirt nights… (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times )

Did you really think they were just going to fade away?

Not when they were an undisputed success last season. Think of it as Frank McCourt’s parting gift.

On Friday the Dodgers announced they would have another 10 bobblehead giveaway days next season -- complete with a mini-ticket plan -- releasing eight names and saying they had three more to come. And I thought math was tough for me.

The Dodgers liked their promotion from last season so much, they’re even bringing back the two most popular -- Vin Scully and Sandy Koufax -- again in 2013.

Pretty soon they’re going to have to give away bobbleheads of the groundskeepers. Or local media. But unlike last year, there are no bobbleheads of opposing managers (Mike Scioscia, Kirk Gibson).

This year’s schedule also includes Hanley Ramirez in an “I see you” pose, Matt Kemp, Rick Monday in Cubs uniform saving the American flag, Jamie Jarrin, Adrian Gonzalez and Magic Johnson, presumably not in a Lakers uniform.

Seems there is marketing hay to be made with Magic, who also gets a T-shirt night. And they’re going to keep having Hello Kitty promotions until the rest of us figure out what it is, this time with a fleece blanket and another mini-bobblehead night.

Maybe the coolest promotion is the return of the Old Timers Game. The June 8 contest is scheduled to between “Dodgers and Yankees legends.”

Friday night fireworks will continue, they added a “hoodie night” and there will be plenty of caps and tote bags and the like. Here's the full list and schedule.


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