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Letters: Benghazi and the media

November 03, 2012

Re "Benghazi: No mere 'October surprise,' Opinion, Oct. 30

I know Jonah Goldberg's column is an opinion piece, but his most recent article makes The Times look bad. Either he's right and The Times isn't reporting the Obama administration's dereliction of duty in the deaths of four Americans in Libya, or he's wrong and The Times is providing an outlet for reckless accusations. Which is it?

I am skeptical of government, but in this case, I'm more skeptical of Goldberg because his accusations against President Obama originated with Fox News. Goldberg also doesn't mention that Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush's secretary of State, doesn't support the accusations, or that the mother of Tyrone Woods, one of the former SEALs killed in the attack, has an opposite view from Woods' father, whose comments are helping to drive the story.

So why should I believe Goldberg?

Patrick Justice

Huntington Beach

The only instinct that explains the media's response to Benghazi is preservation of the tribe. President Obama's fables about the Middle East are unraveling at the worst possible moment. It turns out that Al Qaeda is not defeated despite Osama bin Laden's death, and that Arab countries still loathe America despite the absence of George W. Bush.

The media have sat on a story that would have dominated the news for weeks if the incumbent were a Republican. If you have to be shamed into doing your job by Fox News, should you wonder why your audience is shrinking?

Michael Smith

Cynthiana, Ky.

There is no conspiracy. The right's fervor in turning this tragedy into political fodder is beyond shameless; it is sickening. The facts are the facts, and no amount of accusations or hand-wringing from the political right can change that.

In their pathetic attempts to smear Obama with anything and everything, conservatives only make him look more presidential.

Scott W. Hughes

Westlake Village


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