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Letters: Scouting -- the law and its legacy

November 03, 2012

Re "Scout abuse files spur strong reaction," Oct. 27

In the late 1980s, the Boy Scouts of America changed its requirements for groups that sponsor local Scout troops or Cub Scout packs. The revised registration forms for sponsor organizations contained words to the effect that the unit sponsor agreed to be solely responsible for the selection of the troop leadership and for their actions.

Now that we know, from Times reports, that the Boy Scouts of America knew at that time of the extent of pedophilia among its troop leaders, one can speculate as to the reason for this change in which party has liability.

One consequence was that the California Congress of Parents, Teachers and Students Inc., the state PTA organization, stopped its sponsorship of Scout troops because of the substantial increase in the cost of its liability insurance that signing such an agreement would have brought.

Lyle Whited


Those who revile the Boy Scouts of America better hope that if they are choking to death, there is a Scout or former Scout nearby to save them; that if they are suffering a heart attack, there is a Scout or former Scout there to give them CPR; or if there is a severe earthquake and they need first aid, there is a Scout or former Scout there to help them out.

Scouting not only prepared me for life, it also taught me to be a good citizen. I have spent my life serving my country and my community.

As an 81-year-old assistant Scoutmaster, I am proud that I am still helping prepare young men to be good citizens.

Jack Allen

Pacific Palisades


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