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Letters: L.A. zoo logic

November 03, 2012

Re "What to do about the zoo," Editorial, Oct. 26

I echo The Times' editorial regarding the L.A. Zoo and its relationship with the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Assn. As we move forward in these challenging budget times, partnerships are key.

GLAZA and our city attorney should go back to the table and forge an operating agreement that works for everyone. We can take Los Angeles County as a great example of when strong partnerships work well, especially with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and, most notably, the Hollywood Bowl.

No one should mistake these efforts as privatization. Instead, we are joining the best of two worlds. With strong, balanced arrangements, we will be able to continue to enjoy this great city.

Tom LaBonge

Los Angeles

The writer is a Los Angeles City Council member.


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