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Letters: Trojans, Lakers have a rough week

Lane Kiffin and Mike Brown won't win any popularity contests.

November 03, 2012
  • Coach Lane Kiffin and USC exits the field after losing to Arizona last week in Tucson.
Coach Lane Kiffin and USC exits the field after losing to Arizona last week… (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles…)

Too bad for Matt Barkley that Lane Kiffin is CEO of that business he came back to take care of.

George Pisano

Rancho Palos Verdes


Matt Barkley's unfinished business will undoubtedly finish in a second-tier bowl game due to the brilliant coaching of the Kiffins. Now that the season is effectively over, the Kiffins may upset an overconfident Oregon or Notre Dame. As the 2011 probation season proved, winning when the pressure is off is a Kiffin specialty.

Mark S. Roth

Los Angeles


I've been going to USC games since the 1950s, having had parents who attended USC during the Howard Jones era, and attending SC during the great John McKay era.

We cheered just as loudly during the Tollner, Smith, and Hackett years as we did during the great Pete Carroll years. What the fans are seeing now is not the SC football we're used to. This season began with a talented team and great promise that has gone all but down the drain with the punches, the personal fouls and the continued penalties.

This lack of discipline should be owned by the entire coaching staff. Good coaches don't condone this out-of-control behavior. I'd rather lose with dignity than lose due to this behavior. I'm beginning to see Kiffin as a coach who cannot control his football team. This was an embarrassment to the university and the fans.

Judi Welch

Pacific Palisades


After the Trojans lost to underdog Arizona, Lane Kiffin was quoted as saying "I'm open to all suggestions, I've tried it all." May I recommend you resign. And please take the old man with you. His "trample-2" defensive just isn't cutting it at the college level.

Ernie Acosta



There is a reason Alabama is the least penalized team in college football for the last five years. It is because their coaching staff creates an atmosphere of professionalism, not an atmosphere of disrespect and mob mentality that "Lame" Kiffin has created.

Bruce Olson

La Verne


There a proverb that talks about losses revealing a man's character. USC has reached that point. Over the next four weeks we will see what kind of character USC has and what kind of coach Lane Kiffin really is.

Ed Gredvig



If USC is to have any hope whatsoever against Oregon and Notre Dame, I suggest Lane Kiffin go back to combing the NCAA rule book in search of additional quasi-ethical but actually surprisingly legal play strategies.

Andrew Sacks



If the NCAA would adopt the fifth-grader's concept of pink penalty flags, this SC team may well provide more recognition to fighting cancer than any other organization.

Chuck Reilly

Corona del Mar


If Ducks had lips, I'm sure they'd be licking them in anticipation of facing this maddeningly undisciplined USC squad that continues to perplex and underachieve.

Steve Ross

New York


If Lane Kiffin were to be fired at the end of the season for leading the USC Trojans into mediocrity then perhaps he could get a coaching gig with the Raiders. Oh, wait a minute...

Cal Teraoka

Costa Mesa

Slow starters

I want to congratulate Mike Brown on being able to keep his rope-a-dope strategy a secret. I certainly didn't see it coming.

P.J. Gendell

Beverly Hills


The only things the Lakers are "loaded" with are age, injury, and an incompetent coach. Aside from that, they're doing great. This current Lakers group has the well-known two chances to win a title, slim and none, and slim just left town (thank you, Jim Healy).

Gerry Schwartz

Los Angeles


After the Lakers' Wednesday night performance I would advise the satellite companies to slow down contract talks with Time Warner Cable.

Loren Coleman

West Hollywood


Mike Brown has the worst free-throw shooter in NBA history on his team. He also has the best in history on his team. So, in the first two games he runs an offense that gets his worst free throw shooter 33 foul shots — and his best shooter zero foul shots.


Rick Wallace



Mike Brown, you have succeeded in making Steve Nash look mediocre. What an awesome accomplishment! The most incredible pick-and-roll point guard ever, and you have him giving up his dribble as soon as he gets to the frontcourt? He was supposed to make it easier on everyone, but you have him hamstrung.

I heard you chose this new offense before Nash and Howard got here, so why didn't you build one around their abilities? These guys can run a little. Get with the program, or get out of town.

Bruce Alan

Granada Hills


Yes, I am one of the "dumb" fans calling for Mike Brown to be replaced as Lakers coach. I have seen pickup games that looked more organized on offense than this team. The bigger issue however is the lack of hustle and intensity by this group. It certainly seems as though the star players have tuned Brown out, or at least that he has little influence over them. It's time for the Buss family to move swiftly before this short opportunity for a title is gone.

Rick Van Kirk



How do you turn $100 million into 50 cents? Hire Mike Brown.

Ray McKown

Los Angeles


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