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New York Assembly candidate campaigns in Sandy's gas lines

November 04, 2012|By Brian Bennett

ELMONT, N.Y. -- Michaelle Solages, 27, is on the ballot here Tuesday for a New York State Assembly seat.

 A Democrat and a lawyer, she has campaigned door to door, but she has found that one of the best places to talk to voters is at gas stations.

 Wrapped in a long black wool coat, she walks the lines of people that snake through the gas station parking lots, handing out fliers she has printed with information about shelters and FEMA reimbursement programs.

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She carries a notepad that  is filling up with the addresses of those she meets whose homes still lack  power. In between campaigning, Solages has been calling the Long Island Power Authority  to relay where the lines need to be restored.

 "People are getting angry," she said, adding that power company operators don't have much information for people in the area. Residents know it will take days to get the lines fixed, but "they want answers. They want a realistic timeline," she said.



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