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'Walking Dead' fans react to series shockers

November 05, 2012|By Patrick Kevin Day
  • Cast members of "The Walking Dead."
Cast members of "The Walking Dead." (Gene Page / AMC )

"Walking Dead" fans are a hearty lot -- they have to be in order to endure the shocking plot developments the show keeps throwing at them week after week. And Sunday's episode, "Killer Within," may have been one of the most jaw-dropping yet.

For those who haven't seen "Killer Within," beware: Spoilers lie ahead.

In the episode, two major characters, who had both been with the show since the beginning, met their untimely ends. T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) shuffled off the "Walking Dead" cast list, though not together.

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While T-Dog ended things the old-fashioned way (i.e. he got torn apart by a pack of ravenous zombies), Lori's end was crueler, more heartbreaking and, in the end, more powerful. After giving birth to her baby via crude c-section, she died from blood loss and her young son, Carl, had to put a bullet into her body to prevent her from coming back as a zombie. Intense, right?

The one-two punch of loss coming this early in the season (it was only the fourth episode of Season 3) caught many viewers off-guard. Most of the time, major losses are reserved for the end of the season.

The intensity of the episode was enough to make even the toughest fans shed a tear or two.

Florida Gators center Patric Young tweeted, "The Walking Dead last night was indescribable. If you ddnt tear up even a little you're not human."

Former "Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander was also driven to unleash his inner tween on Twitter, writing, "OMFG The Walking Dead tonite!!!!! OMFG. Literally took my breath away. This show is insane. I am in complete shock. Wow."

"The Middle" star Patricia Heaton also shared her shock, writing, "I hate when I cry over fictional characters! #WalkingDead."

PHOTOS: On the set of 'The Walking Dead'

However, not everyone had such warm feelings toward Lori. Her death, as tragic as it was, became a catalyst for many fans to share just how much they disliked the character.

Hungarian fan Eniko Balazs wrote from Budapest, "I always hated the character of Lori. But this. That bloody drama. This was the best @WalkingDead AMC episode. WOW."

San Diego video gamer "Morpheus Himself" wrote, "Kinda happy to see Lori die in this last episode of Walking Dead. She was beginning to annoy me haha."

Series fan John Robertson seemed to think that it was Lori's fault that she died, writing, "So the most recent walking dead episode is heartbreaking!! Buy maybe if Lori hasn't cheated she wouldn't be in this mess!!!"

Lori's goodbye with her son, Carl, must have stirred some emotions in Louisville, Ky., fan Suzanne Clark, but not the kind one would expect. She wrote, "Still discussing last nights Walking Dead with my son. Will miss T-dog! Lori ... not so much!"

As for poor T-Dog, he didn't get the proper respect in death that some felt he deserved.

Fan Steven Espinoza pointed this fact out, writing, "Everybody's bummed about Lori on the walking dead lol what about the black guy?!"


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