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Food FYI: Prop. 37 down to the wire

November 05, 2012|By Betty Hallock
  • A handful of genetically modified soybeans. California's Prop. 37 calls for labeling food made with genetically engineered ingredients.
A handful of genetically modified soybeans. California's Prop.… (Scott Olson / Getty Images )

PROP. 37 SUPPORT SLIDES: September polls showed more than 61% of likely voters were in favor of Prop. 37, the ballot initiative that calls for labeling foods made with genetically modified  ingredients. But a month later, support has fallen by 17 points....  An estimate says the No on Prop. 37 campaign has outspent the competition by $37 million. [NBC News]

CAMPAIGN MONEY: Who's funding the for and against? Plus, a Prop. 37 cheat sheet. [KCET]

 OP-ED IN OPPOSITION: The back and forth between those who support and oppose Prop. 37 is distracting voters from "the truth of the matter: It's a poorly written proposition.... It isn't logical either -- you might be able to tell whether your food's DNA has ever seen the inside of a laboratory but not whether it was sprayed for pesticides or fed ridiculous amounts of antibiotics." [Los Angeles Times]

IS THE FOOD MOVEMENT AT STAKE? The question is asked: "Why has concern over how the world's food is grown become so strongly identified with concern over genetically modified crops?" Political clout might be at risk. [Slate] 

A FOOD REVOLUTION: Michael Pollan appears on video: "The power of Big Food -- large companies that stock our supermarkets and run our fast-food restaurants -- they haven't gotten the news yet, that people are very concerned about the quality of their food and are very curious to know how it's produced, so labeling and transparency become a very important issue." [Huffington Post Live]


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