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NFL discussion: Is Robert Griffin III the real deal?

November 05, 2012|By Chuck Schilken

Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins just lost to Mark Thompson's beloved Carolina Panthers this past weekend. And boy, is the radio personality/football fan extraordinaire thrilled about that.

But during the "NFL Slam With Mark and Sam" broadcast Monday, Thompson couldn't help but marvel at what he saw from the rookie quarterback, even in a loss.

"This guy is so good and poised and solid," Thompson said. "I see — as long as the Redskins can find out how to put tools with him as his career continues to blossom — I see wonderful things for that kid."

Times NFL writer Sam Farmer — the "Sam" half of the Slam — was a little more cautious when looking into the future for RG3.

"It'll be interesting to see if he can sort of cater his game, change his game a little bit to keep it effective in the NFL because maybe teams are starting to figure him out even this early," Farmer said before predicting that Griffin will probably explode for a huge game next week.

Another topic of discussion was the Pittsburgh Steelers' comeback victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Giants, with Thompson calling it "a gigantic win" and Farmer stating that it would end up being viewed as the game where the Steelers "turned the corner."

Watch all of their discussion on all things NFL in the video above.


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