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Terry Bradshaw comment on Reggie Bush stirs controversy (Video)

November 05, 2012|By Chuck Schilken

As a longtime football analyst on Fox, Terry Bradshaw has said many things that make no sense.

But a comment he made Sunday while describing a touchdown run by the Miami Dolphins' Reggie Bush has many people both scratching their heads and fuming in anger.

Bradshaw was talking over a clip of a back-and-forth run by the African American running back when he called out to cohort Jimmie Johnson, "Look at this, Jimmie! Like he was chasing that bucket of chicken that wind was blowing the other day."

Not only was the statement nonsensical, but it also seemed to employ a negative racial stereotype.

But TMZ is reporting that sources inside the studio say the comment was supposed to be an inside joke directed at Johnson, who is reportedly known around the set for his love of fried chicken.

My guess is that maybe there is some footage of a chicken bucket flying around during super storm Sandy and that the joke among the crew is that Johnson would have been out there chasing that bucket?

Or something like that. Like I said, just a guess.

Whatever the background, Bradshaw made a bad joke ... but hopefully not a racist one.


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