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Album review: Aerosmith's 'Music From Another Dimension'

November 06, 2012|By Randall Roberts
  • Aerosmith's "Music From Another Dimension"
Aerosmith's "Music From Another Dimension" (Handout )

If Aerosmith's definition of the sound of "another dimension" is indeed true, the world is a much less mystical place than we would like to believe. Rather than offering previously unimaginable tones and visions, "Music From Another Dimension" delivers riffs, clich├ęs, solos, yowls and a virtual banquet of the same one-dimensional tropes Aerosmith has been offering for years. Mixed in, however, are a few gems that might be considered worthy additions to the band's catalog were they offered without such grand promises.

It's not that Aerosmith's first studio album of all-new material in 11 years doesn't rock. It's loud, brash and proves that vocalist Steven Tyler can still yelp (and occasionally sing), the dueling guitars of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford can still find big blues-based riffs, and drummer Joey Kramer still hits hard, keeping pace with bassist Tom Hamilton.

But there are only so many original combinations of blues riffs and sexual boasts one can deliver in a single lifetime. "Out Go the Lights" features Tyler referencing the tired novelty shirt joke about "liquor in the front," and the same song includes the line, "roses are red," which Tyler follows with "my lips on you." And "Another Last Goodbye" sounds like a "Weird Al" Yankovic parody of its power ballad "Dream On." Whatever dimension Aerosmith has claimed to visit, it certainly wasn't a new one.


"Music From Another Dimension"


Two stars


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