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Quick Takes: Football, then a mystery

November 06, 2012

Who will be playing in the next Super Bowl won't be known for another three months, but CBS has already decided what show it will air once the final gun for the big game sounds.

Getting one of the most sought after spots in television is CBS' drama "Elementary," which stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as a modern-day Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The show made its premiere this fall and has been a solid performer for CBS. The game will air on Feb. 3.

The Super Bowl is the most-watched program in the United States every year. Last season's game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots drew an audience of 111.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen, which made it the most watched TV program ever in America.

—Joe Flint

No Doubt pulls new music video

Rock band No Doubt quickly found itself in hot water after releasing a new video last week for the song "Looking Hot," which featured an Old West theme and singer Gwen Stefani in Native American-style clothing and taking part in native rituals.

The band pulled the video from YouTube and Vevo and offered an apology on its official website.

"As a multi-racial band our foundation is built upon both diversity and consideration for other cultures," the statement said. "Our intention with our new video was never to offend, hurt or trivialize Native American people, their culture or their history."

The Facebook page for For Accurate Indigenous Representation Media flagged the video and sent a message to the band: "Gwen Stefani — You may think you are 'Looking Hot' — but you are not. You are just looking like yet another insensitive, entitled, Hipster who is letting her white privilege slip show. And it's oh so unfashionable."

—Randy Lewis

'Good Day L.A.' adds Julie Chang

Julie Chang will join KTTV-TV Channel 11's "Good Day L.A." Tuesday as the morning show's entertainment reporter.

Chang, who most recently worked for Fox-owned WNYW-TV in New York, will also be the entertainment reporter for KTTV's "Fox 11 Morning News."

The hiring of Chang is the latest revamp in "Good Day L.A." since the recent departures of co-anchors Dorothy Lucey and Jillian (Barberie) Reynolds.

—Greg Braxton

'Chernobyl' to show in N.Y.

Diana Thater's post-apocalyptic video installation "Chernobyl" has been shown a few times, but never in a setting that itself is raw with destruction: On Friday, her 2011 work about the Soviet town devastated and depopulated by the 1986 nuclear disaster opens at David Zwirner, one of the New York galleries hit hardest by flooding from Hurricane Sandy.

The six-channel video features images of Chernobyl buildings in disrepair, ending with horses galloping around the remains of the nuclear power plant and swans swimming in the cooling pond.

"A hurricane is not the same thing as a global nuclear disaster," said the L.A. artist, reached by phone on Monday. "But I do believe, like many others, that they are both manmade — that the massive hurricanes and tsunamis we're having are due to global warming."

Zwirner announced this show — and the postponement of others — in a "Dear Friends" letter posted Monday on his website.

Thater was originally planning to show Chernobyl with Zwirner, her longtime New York dealer, in January 2013. He put a rush order on it last Thursday.

—Jori Finkel

Smithsonian honors sculptor

Kathy Butterly, whose abstract ceramic sculptures are noted for their colorful and playful aspects, has won the Smithsonian's Contemporary Arts Award for 2012.

The biennial honor comes with a $25,000 prize and is intended to recognize artists younger than 50 who have produced a significant body of work.

—David Ng


Helping hands: NBC says its benefit concert last Friday night for super storm Sandy victims drew nearly $23 million in donations to the American Red Cross. Meanwhile, MTV, home of the "Jersey Shore" reality series, plans to air a special Nov. 15 to raise funds to help rebuild New Jersey's devastated shoreline.

Preemptive strike: Sharon Osbourne, the 60-year-old "America's Got Talent" judge, says she had a double mastectomy after learning she carries a gene that increases the risk of developing breast cancer.

Honors: The late production designers Preston Ames ("An American in Paris," "Gigi"), Richard MacDonald ("The Day of the Locust," "The Addams Family") and Edward S. Stephenson ("The Andy Williams Show," "Soap") have been selected for the Art Directors Guild Hall of Fame.

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