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Waiting game: 4 videos to help pass the time until we know who won

November 06, 2012|By Sue Horton

It's election day. You've voted. You're home from work. And you're ready for definitive election results RIGHT NOW!

But you can't have them.

So what should you do to pass that endless time until the West Coast polls close and the results start coming in? How about catching up on the campaign videos you missed.

First, a rousing cri de coeur from ’60s pop star Lesley Gore and a lot of very contemporary young women reprising Gore’s 1964 hit “You Don’t Own Me.” The video is clearly aimed at motivating the female vote against the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket, and you’ll love it or hate it depending on your political leanings.

Next up, another music video, this one pro-Romney.  The short film features cameos by George H.W. and Barbara Bush endorsing their “old friend Mitt Romney,” as well as footage of Ronald Reagan railing against “those who would trade our freedom for security.” And it’s all set to a soft-rock song titled “We Can Make It” by Jeff Clark.  

And finally on the playlist, a couple of videos from the campaigns designed to tug on the heartstrings.

From the Obama team: “The Story of Fired up! Ready to Go!” which lays out how a Greenwood, S.C., woman inspired President Obama.

From the Romney team: “Bill’s BBQ,” which blames the closing of a family-owned Richmond restaurant on Obama’s failure to improve the economy. 

Sure, these videos are preaching to the choir, but they’re likely to make you glad you voted the way you did. And because it’s too late to change your mind, that’s a good thing, right?


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