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Obama supporters celebrate outside White House following victory

November 06, 2012|By Danielle Ryan

Thousands of supporters gathered outside the White House, waving signs and flags and chanting "Yes we can!" and "Four more years!" after television networks and early returns called the race for President Obama.

Streets  in downtown in Washington were filled with honking cars, and young people cheered as they ran through the streets.

At the White House some shouted, "Obamacare for everyone!" while one man making his way toward the crowd from McPherson Square shouted "This is even better than 2008!" Crowds gathered then outside the White House when Obama first won the presidency.

Buses and cars honked their horns as excited supporters flocked toward the White House from both sides of Lafayette Square.

Protesters, who kept their distance from the excitement at the White House shouted "You're cheering for a traitor!"

As the crowd grew, police erected barricades on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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