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November 06, 2012

It's voting day. Los Angeles County residents who have registered to vote can find their polling places at The Times recommends:

President: Barack Obama.

U.S. Senate: Dianne Feinstein.

Congress, District 26: Julia Brownley.

Congress, District 30: Howard Berman.

Congress, District 44: Janice Hahn.

Proposition 30: Yes. Temporary sales and income tax increases will preserve California's schools and other services.

Proposition 31: No. Reject this half-baked package of government proposals.

Proposition 32: No. This measure is a transparent, one-sided attack on the ability of unions to participate in the political process.

Proposition 33: No. This bid to remake car insurance regulations to benefit one insurance company's business model should be rejected.

Proposition 34: Yes. End the death penalty and replace it with life in prison without parole.

Proposition 35: No. Keep the carefully crafted human trafficking laws currently on the books.

Proposition 36: Yes. Reserve the "third strike" life term for violent or other serious felonies.

Proposition 37: No. Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods sold in California would be too costly.

Proposition 38: No. Reject this temporary tax measure in favor of the smarter Proposition 30, which gets money to schools sooner and does more to fix the state's budget problems.

Proposition 39: Yes. Close the tax loophole for out-of-state businesses and eliminate the disincentive to hire California workers.

Proposition 40: Yes. Keep the state Senate district maps drawn by an independent citizens commission.

L.A. County District Attorney: Jackie Lacey.

L.A. Measure A: No. Retain the power of voters to elect the county assessor.

L.A. County Measure B: No. Do not add an unenforceable requirement for performers in adult films to use condoms.

L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Measure J: Yes. Help modernize transportation by extending the current countywide half-cent sales tax through 2069.

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