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Inside Beyonce's election day — living dangerously

November 07, 2012|By Matt Donnelly
  • Beyonce Knowles posts her support for a reelected President Obama on Instagram.
Beyonce Knowles posts her support for a reelected President Obama on Instagram. (Beyonce Knowles / Instagram…)

Who knew that the American political process was a shortcut to Beyonce's bad-girl button?

The superstar singer, actress and new mom is usually the definitive Southern belle unless one of her saucier songs calls for sex appeal, but Tuesday's election had Beyonce breaking all the rules.

For starters, her popular Tumblr blog got a new shot of Bey rocking bangs and showing off her absentee ballot for the state of Texas (given the heaps of evidence, we could deduce her vote was for President Obama). 

Patriotism and a new 'do — adorable right? Except it could be illegal, as the state of Texas prohibits any recording inside the polling place. Bey's whereabouts in the photo are unknown, but if an (unlikely) investigation revealed she was in fact at the polls, her vote could be rendered useless. 

Another example of living on the edge? The "Countdown" songstress chose election day to join photo-sharing platform Instagram, her first upload a self-portrait (above) in which she rocks a "Texans for Obama" shirt.

Note her user name: "BaddieBey." 

Baddie indeed, as after the election was called for incumbent Obama, she took once again to Tumblr and posted a handwritten note that simply said "Take That Mitches."

A presumed nod to Republican nominee Mitt Romney, the gesture could be considered an all-out raspberry blowing to the losing party, though the post has since been removed. 

After her campaign efforts for Obama, including a swanky fundraiser and appearances at voter rallies,  maybe Mrs. Jay-Z was just celebrating a hard-won victory. Or, ahead of the Super Bowl, she's just getting super bad. 

Tell us your thoughts on Beyonce's election swag in comments. 


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