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Your candidate lost? Some exit strategies

November 07, 2012|By Sue Horton
  • Voters wait in line Tuesday to cast their ballots in South Carolina.
Voters wait in line Tuesday to cast their ballots in South Carolina. (Steve Jessmore / MCT )

It didn't really matter who won Tuesday's election -- other countries were likely to see an influx of immigrants either way. We know this thanks to the science of Googling. On Tuesday morning, entering the search phrase "if Romney wins, I’m moving," got 61,200 hits, while "if Obama wins, I’m moving" yielded 21,400. 

Those vowing to flee the election results said they were headed to all points of the globe and beyond if their party lost, with popular destinations including Australia, Britain, Europe, Cuba, Mars and Margaritaville.

One supporter of President Obama advocated moving to India or China in the event of a Mitt Romney victory because “that’s where he’ll be outsourcing all the jobs to.” Another promised not only to move to Canada but to raise an army to invade from the north and “liberate” the United States from a Romney presidency.

In the event of an Obama victory, one voter plans on “moving to Antarctica and starting my own government.” Another is opting for Texas “cuz I know y’all are gonna secede from the US of A.”

But not all those planning to migrate blamed the candidates. As one tweeter put it: "If Romney wins, I'm moving to Canada. If Obama wins, I'm moving to Canada. This is not a political tweet, I just want to live in Canada."


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