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Letters: It's not just about taxes

November 08, 2012

Re: “Tax, but don't overspend,” editorial, Nov. 8

Thanks for your well-written editorial, but I think you missed one crucial point associated with the likely Democratic super-majority.

You stated that Gov. Jerry Brown “pledged not to let Sacramento go on the sort of spending binges that marked the dot-com-bubble years.”

That sounds good, but with a super-majority, significant checks and balances are lost. The governor is irrelevant; long live the governor.

James Bishop

Your editorial states: “But before lawmakers start making plans to spend their bounty, they need to consider what voters expect in return for backing Proposition 30: an end to the fiscal shenanigans that have sent the state careening from one budget crisis to another.”

I would like to be as optimistic as you are. However, the prevailing ideology in Sacramento of borrowing and spending is still in place. How is it that anyone can expect the Democrats to change philosophy if they have total power?

I hope you are right. But where will we be if the shenanigans continue?

Dion Hannum

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