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Letters: When the Democrats rule

November 08, 2012

Re “Blue reign in Sacramento,” Nov. 8

In recent years, California Republicans have focused on signing pledges and on intransigence instead of engaging constructively to get things done. This has resulted in draconian cuts to schools, state programs and services. On Tuesday, the people of California said, “Fine, we'll do it without you,” and now the Democrats in the Legislature are on the cusp of a super-majority.

That's a shame. While we Californians trend to the left, we need a robust two-party system in our state to curb the excesses from both sides of the aisle (and there are excesses on both sides).

Democrats may soon be in the position to unilaterally make decisions on myriad issues, including raising taxes. But they need to be careful. The super-majority will be short-lived if they can't moderate themselves.

Lisa Wilkin
El Segundo

Congratulations, Gov. Jerry Brown. You are going to leave California with a legacy, just like your father, Gov. Pat Brown.

But while your father takes credit for the California Aqueduct and the Master Plan for Higher Education, your legacy will be one of the highest sales tax rates in the U.S.

Murray Levine

America and California got what they wanted: more spending, bigger government and an increase in taxes. Congratulations.

I promise you that in less than a year, Brown and the Democrats who have run this state for years will come to the voters again, hat in hand, telling us they don't have enough money to balance the budget.

I can't escape the policies of President Obama, but I can leave California. I have notified my manager that I am willing to relocate for the best possible out-of-state employment opportunity within our organization. I love California; it saddens me to want out. Politics and finances are forcing me to make that decision.

Paul Pendergast
Santa Ana

I'd like to be able to consider myself an independent, but the intolerance and platform of the Republicans keep my votes Democratic.

Postelection analysis called the Republicans “too old, too male and too white.” I'm old, male and white, and I will certainly not cross to the other side until this thoughtful and encouraging Republican introspection/analysis shows real results.

Our nation needs two or more relevant parties to ensure the future of our democracy.

Unmentioned in most analysis is the constituency of Republican voters who confuse their church with their political party. I hope the Republican Party can parlay its acceptance of a Mormon candidate into a recognition that social tolerance and religious/cultural diversity are absolutely consistent with core Republican notions of liberty and small government.

Bob Ericksen

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