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The Times' NBA rankings

Miami remains on top, with the Clippers not far behind at No. 4.

November 10, 2012|By Ben Bolch
  • LeBron James and the rest of The Times' No. 1 Miami Heat are off to their best home start ever.
LeBron James and the rest of The Times' No. 1 Miami Heat are off to their… (Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images )

1. MIAMI (5-1)     Best home start in franchise history marred by obnoxious player intros. (1)
2. SAN ANTONIO (6-1)    It must be early in season if Gregg Popovich smiles in media session. (3)
3. OKLAHOMA CITY (4-2)    “60 Minutes” looking into whether Harden given 1 hour to accept offer. (2)
4. CLIPPERS (4-2)    These guys would beat Harlem Globetrotters, lose to Washington Generals. (4)

5. BOSTON (3-3)    Back on the upswing after hitting Shamrock bottom. (5)
6. MEMPHIS (4-1)    How’s that decision to part ways with O.J. Mayo working out? (9)
7. DALLAS (4-3)    So many unexpected contributors that water boy would log a triple-double. (15)
8. NEW YORK (4-0)    Last unbeaten team will probably again be first to lose in playoffs. (13)
9. HOUSTON (3-3)    Is Beardsanity over already? (8)
10. DENVER (4-3)     Mile-high madness: Seventeen of first 23 games are on the road. (10)
11. CHICAGO (4-2)     Bulls make statement against Oklahoma City: They’re not all that. (12)
12. BROOKLYN (2-2)     New Nets look like old Nets during 30-point Miami loss. (14)
13. INDIANA (3-4)    Danny Granger (knee) out three months, Pacers done for the season. (7)

14. LAKERS (2-4)    Last time team started this bad, Magic Johnson ended up coaching it. (6)
15. MINNESOTA (4-2)    Andrei Kirilenko, Brandon Roy make Timberwolves Reclamations R Us. (17)
16. MILWAUKEE (3-2)    Brandon Jennings may be best player (almost) nobody is watching. (16)
17. GOLDEN STATE (3-4)    Warriors may need new healthcare plan the way injuries keep piling up. (18)
18. PHILADELPHIA (4-2)    Lakers getting as much out of Andrew Bynum, Kwame Brown as 76ers are. (11)
19. UTAH (3-4)    Undersized Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap continually come up big for Jazz. (19)
20. ATLANTA (2-2)    Hawks glad Lakers balked at Josh Smith-for-Pau Gasol trade proposal. (21)
21. ORLANDO (2-3)    Laughter about Dwight’s new team can be heard 2,500 miles away. (22)
22. NEW ORLEANS (3-2)    Contrary to rumors, Hornets’ 25-point half didn’t involve Princeton offense. (24)

23. PORTLAND (2-4)    Actor-turned-GM Neil Olshey now part of “The Young and the Restless.” (20)
24. CLEVELAND (2-4)    Fan stops Luke Walton, asks, “Hey, didn’t you used to play in the NBA?” (23)
25. PHOENIX (3-4)     Lakers want Shannon Brown to request transfer to their bench. (25)
26. SACRAMENTO (2-4)    Thomas Robinson shows that you can have a bit too much elbow room. (28)
27. TORONTO (1-5)    Vancouver may be the best Canadian NBA team, and it doesn’t exist. (26)
28. WASHINGTON (0-5)    It’s easy to wonder what’s the point with John Wall out. (27) 

29. CHARLOTTE (2-3)    Bobcats eventually want to do a little more moving on up than this. (30)30. DETROIT (0-7)     Suggested motto: The Bad Boys Are Back! (29)

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