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Web Buzz: Tripini app trips in places

Tripini stores travel info in password-protected on your Apple or Android device. But it has its drawbacks.

November 11, 2012

Can a trip planner work overtime as a travel journal and protect confidential documents too? Maybe.

Name: Tripini

Available for: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android

What it does: This app keeps all of your pertinent travel information — medical, passport, visa, flight, hotel, car rental information, photos and more — locked in a password-protected area on your Apple or Android device.

Cost: Free, for an introductory period.

What's hot: The password system worked for me, and I would feel safe leaving my information on the app. I hesitated only when I came to filling out my debit and credit card info. But it's all optional. I also liked the breadcrumbs that show your route.

What's not: I was excited about the journal aspect, but I couldn't find it. Perhaps they meant not a journal you could write in but, rather, a journal of your info. Even more frustrating was that I couldn't access all of Tripini's features. Only when I pretended to leave on a trip that started with today's date could I access the packing list and features area where I could store my tickets, lodging and car rentals info.

Worth it: It's a great way to store pertinent info if you have only one device and are not in the habit of using TripIt. But if you bounce between an iPad and an iPhone, for example, you have to enter your information on each device. You just can't store it under a member account and have it cross devices.

— Jen Leo

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