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Letters: Bye bye Boeing

November 13, 2012
  • Boeing is trimming its executive workforce 30%.
Boeing is trimming its executive workforce 30%. (Paul J. Richards / AFP / Getty…)

Re “Boeing plans more cuts in region,” Nov. 9

As a 40-year aerospace retiree, I was sad to hear of the latest decline of the Southern California aerospace industry, with Boeing cutting more facilities. The article indicates that the cuts are due to the latest reduction in military spending.

However, the decline in the once extensive aerospace industry here has been going on for decades. Not surprisingly, this decline coincides with the almost total control of the California government by the Democratic Party and the bad business environment it created.

The aerospace opportunities remaining in Southern California are white-collar engineering and technical jobs. The highly skilled machinists and other aerospace blue-collar workers have to relocate out of state to find employment.

Mario Bonura
Santa Ana

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