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Tebow for TiVo! Icahn vs. Netflix! Eisner back in movie biz.

November 14, 2012|By Joe Flint
  • Tim Tebow will be throwing the ball for TiVo.
Tim Tebow will be throwing the ball for TiVo. (Getty Images )

After the coffee. Before deleting my Jill Kelley emails.

The Skinny: How can Thanksgiving be a week away? Where is this year going? Ponder that while reading today's column, which includes stories about the adult entertainment industry's threats to leave Los Angeles in reaction to a new law, a battle for power at Netflix and Tim Tebow pitching TiVo.

Daily Dose: NBC isn't the only one beefing up its cable sports channel. CBS Sports has acquired the rights to the Arena Football League for its cable network. The move is the latest by CBS to boost the profile of the tiny network. It also wooed sports radio personality Jim Rome to do a show for the channel.

Pulling out. Faced with a mandatory requirement to use condoms in its films, many adult entertainment players are talking about making their movies outside of Los Angeles. “People who enjoy adult films do not want to watch actors using condoms – period. So there’s no market for it,’’ Hustler founder Larry Flynt, told the Los Angeles Times. While there are plenty of jokes to make about the situation (like my headline for this item), there is also a lot of money and jobs at stake here.

Welcome back. Former Disney Chief Executive Michael Eisner, who has dabbled in everything from new media to baseball cards, has struck a production deal with Comcast's Universal Pictures. The next step for Eisner will be to hit up investors for money to make movies. More on Eisner's next move from the Los Angeles Times and Reuters.

Going to the mattresses. Netflix is gearing up for a throw down with Carl Icahn, the activist investor who recently acquired about 10% of the entertainment company. Icahn wants Netflix to find a buyer. That doesn't sit too well with Netflix, which recently put a poison pill in place to make it difficult for Icahn or any other suitor to try to acquire the company. The Wall Street Journal looks at the battle and what it could mean for Netflix.

His next trick. Statistician Nate Silver, who pretty much hit the mark in the election predictions he did for the New York Times, tells the Hollywood Reporter that he is getting feelers from Hollywood. Heck, he couldn't do any worse than the folks already predicting box office. 

Was Mark Sanchez not available? Quarterback Tim Tebow may be warming the bench for the New York Jets, but TiVo just named him a starter for their digital video recorder. With most cable and satellite operators offering their own DVRs, TiVo is hoping using the popular Tebow will give their product some spark. The New York Times on how TiVo is going to do a Tebow.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: A new Michael Jackson biography is causing quite a stir. The man who accused Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash of having a sexual relationship with him when he was underage has recanted.

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