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Tim Tebow called 'terrible' and more by Jets teammates

November 14, 2012|By Chuck Schilken
  • New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, right, is the target of some negative comments from anonymous teammates in an article run by the New York Daily News.
New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, right, is the target of some negative… (Kevin Casey / Getty Images )

Tim Tebow is "terrible."

Would making him the New York Jets' starting quarterback reverse the team's fortunes? "Hell, no!"

A number of fans have been clamoring for Tebow to replace struggling starter Mark Sanchez. But "nobody" on the team feels that way.

Normally it's opposing teams that talk trash about another squad's players. But all of the quotes above, and more, were attributed to Tebow's teammates in an article posted Wednesday by the New York Daily News.

All of the extremely negative comments were made by anonymous players, including some starters and other members of the organization.

When asked if the Jets could win with Tebow as their starting quarterback, a veteran starter shook his head and said, “Do I have to answer that question?”

Another starter responded: “Hell, no! You got to keep defenses honest. You just can’t line up in the Wildcat all the time. That won’t work.” A couple of people speak highly of Tebow, but not as a quarterback.
Coach Rex Ryan addressed the article in a team meeting Wednesday morning, calling it "cowardly" to anonymously rip a teammate in the media.

Ryan said in a news conference Wednesday that he still doesn't think his 3-6 team is falling apart. "I believe this team is coming together," he said. "If there are cracks in the armor, we'll find out. Maybe we're not there right now, but I believe we will be."


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