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NFL scouts size up UCLA and USC players

There will be plenty of talent on the field when USC and UCLA play Saturday. Scouts like Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley, but they love Bruins' Brett Hundley.

November 14, 2012|By Sam Farmer

Some can't-miss NFL prospects simply miss. Every so often, a "who's he?" becomes a who's who.

Pro scouts aren't always on the mark, but they are paid to use their keen judgment to project which college football players will succeed at the next level, and those opinions carry weight. There will be plenty of NFL scouts in attendance Saturday when UCLA plays host to USC at the Rose Bowl.

This week, at the request of The Times, three NFL scouts opened their notebooks and anonymously shared their thoughts on the professional futures of some of the top Bruins and Trojans. The scouts steered clear of talking at length about underclassmen, players they haven't thoroughly evaluated yet, but did offer some thoughts on some, such as UCLA freshman Brett Hundley, a quarterback they couldn't help but notice, and USC sophomore receiver Marqise Lee.

•QUARTERBACK: USC's Matt Barkley is solid, and is widely expected to go in the first round, but it's Hundley who has the scouts buzzing.

Scout 1 on Barkley: "He's got a very good understanding of the game, and he's a great leader. Physically, he's very average. When he's throwing it across the field on a deep out, the ball sort of hangs in the air. He doesn't have that ability to just drive it. In the NFL, with the corners, they break so much quicker. They see it quicker, they close. A lot of those balls are going the other direction at the next level."

Scout 2 on Barkley: "He's got to be a decision-making, timing passer. That's kind of his game. When he's in rhythm, and he's making good decisions, which a lot of times he's good to very good, he can have success. If a play breaks down, or there's pressure, he's not going to be the kind of quarterback to improvise or make an athletic play."

Scout 1 on Hundley: "He's a big-time guy. I would expect two or three years down the road, he's going to be a high pick. He's got that potential, if he keeps developing. He's been the difference in that offense this year. They're moving the ball, drives aren't stalling. The guy can do it with his feet, he can do it with his arm. He makes those NFL throws. He's got the physical tools that Barkley doesn't have."

Scout 3 on Hundley: "The one thing I'll say is he's the first guy that's actually stayed healthy there in a long time. I'll give him a feather in his cap for that."

•RECEIVER: USC has a couple of standouts in junior Robert Woods and sophomore Lee. UCLA has senior Jerry Johnson, who one of the scouts projected to go in a late round or free agency.

Scout 3 on Woods: "People had put him in a category where he doesn't belong, as an elite-type guy. He's a premier dirty-work, possession-type guy. He's a guy that you go to on third down. He's clutch, he's tough, but he's not the big-play, dynamic guy."

Scout 1 on Lee: "He'd be probably the first receiver taken in the draft this year if he were eligible to come out. He's a difference-maker on the field. He's big, fast, a playmaker. He'd be a top NFL receiver, a No. 1 receiver for an NFL team. He's that good."

•TIGHT END: It's hard to ignore UCLA's Joseph Fauria, the 6-foot-7 senior who has nine touchdown catches — one more than all other Bruins receivers combined.

Scout 1 on Fauria: "He's a very good red-zone receiver. He's got nice hands and great size. He's not a real physical blocker, and his top-end speed is below average. He might be a late-rounder. The problem is, if you can't separate versus man [coverage], you're really going to struggle in the NFL."

Scout 2 on Fauria: "Probably not a guy that's ever going to out-leverage you as a route runner or use true athletic ability to get open. But he's very good at using his mass and his ability to high-point locate the ball. Red zone, short yardage, he's really making his mark there."

•RUNNING BACK: Both schools have undersized senior running backs who could find their way onto NFL rosters: UCLA's Johnathan Franklin and USC's Curtis McNeal.

Scout 1 on Franklin: "He's got great vision, patient runner, good feet. He can accelerate quickly. He lacks size and great top-end speed, but he does so many things well as a runner, and he's got really nice hands out of the backfield. I would expect him to be on an NFL roster as a third-down back, a receiving back, change of pace, shifty. I'd say he's a mid-rounder."

Scout 1 on McNeal: "He's a short, muscular back. To me, he's a free agent. He's got good vision, lower-body strength. He runs hard. With the emergence of [junior] Silas Redd, he's kind of been put on the back burner."

•OFFENSIVE LINE: Both schools have blockers who could eventually wind up in the NFL. The one who most interests these scouts is USC center Khaled Holmes.

Scout 2 on Holmes: "He's got good size and good mobility, especially for a center."

Scout 3 on Holmes: "When he wasn't in there is when you could really tell how valuable he was to that team."

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