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Did Romney lose because Obama gave 'gifts?' [Google+ Hangout]

November 15, 2012|By James Rainey

Mitt Romney said on a conference call with donors Wednesday that he lost last week’s election to President Obama because the incumbent gave “a lot of stuff” to African Americans, Latinos and young people.

At 12:30 p.m. PST today, Los Angeles Times political reporter Maeve Reston will talk about how she was able to capture thoughts Romney seemed to presume would be just between him and several hundred donors on a special post-election phone call.

Reston will join me, Politics Now host Jim Rainey, to talk about the “gifts” Romney said the president gave away and how that comports with the reality of Obama’s first term. Romney said the beneficiaries of these gifts were young people, African Americans and Latinos.

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Also, we’ll ask whether Romney may have also made promises to the voters that could be deemed as incentives to bring out his conservative backers and whether Romney’s theory adequately describes what went wrong for him in campaign 2012.

To some observers, Romney’s comments Wednesday echoed the video revealed this fall by Mother Jones magazine, in which the Republican candidate said 47% of Americans who didn’t pay federal income taxes were “victims” who were dependent on government and “unwilling to take responsibility for their lives.”

The former private equity magnate later walked back the 47% statement, saying he had been “just completely wrong.” We’ll check with veteran campaign trail reporter Reston to see whether Romney has made any effort to recant his latest statement about the gift-giving president who beat him at the polls.

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