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Tim Tebow saddened yet upbeat after being called 'terrible'

November 15, 2012|By Chuck Schilken
  • New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow remained positive despite criticism in the press from some of his teammates.
New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow remained positive despite criticism… (Alex Trautwig / Getty Images )

Tim Tebow is human (despite what some people might think).

We human beings all have feelings.

And those feelings can get hurt when someone you think is your friend talks trash about you behind your back.

(Hey, Mike Whateveryournamewas from sixth grade, I'm looking at you. Yeah, I heard what you said about me to Fred Whatshisface that one day before homeroom. Not cool, jerk.)

Oh yeah, we were talking about Tebow. Anyway, some of his New York Jets teammates said some not-so-nice things about him in the New York Daily News the other day. And to make it worse, almost all of them did it anonymously.

One guy went so far as to call the team's backup quarterback "terrible."

Not cool, jerk.

Of course, Tebow had a much more Tebow-like response to the comments.

“I always find the good and the positive in every situation,” Tebow said, “and the positive of this is to go and work a little harder and build better relationships with your teammates.”

He even made a point to say that the Jets locker room is filled with “a bunch of awesome dudes.”

But Tebow admitted that "it can be a little frustrating or saddening" and "it’s never fun to hear criticism."

See, anonymous players, you made Tim Tebow sad. Hope you're happy.



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