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Letters: An Afghanistan picture worth far more than a thousand words

November 17, 2012
  • Raza Gul, center, sits with her son and her sister-in-law in the Kabul bakery where they eke out a living.
Raza Gul, center, sits with her son and her sister-in-law in the Kabul bakery… (Los Angeles Times )

Re “Living for their future,” Column One, Nov. 13

Imagine that the magnificent front-page photo of Raza Gul and her family was actually a painting by a noted 17th century Italian artist and came up for sale at a fine art auction. How the art aficionados would gush about the texture, the color, the detail of the faces of the subjects and their artifacts. The attendees might then bid millions of dollars for this powerful artistic statement. The rich have certainly paid more for less profound works to hang in their homes and galleries.

Then, imagine that Raza Gul, her husband and her children showed up at the front door.

Assuming they were even admitted, I wonder what would happen were she to request money to help pay for education for her children, addiction treatment for her husband and a new ventilation system for the bakery where she works. I wonder what the response would be.

Thank you for a very important, thought-provoking and worthwhile story.

Ambrose Bruce Terrence

Marina del Rey

Is anyone going to talk about the elephant in the room—people living in abject poverty having five or six children and counting? The answer would be to educate women, but I don't know how that will happen.

Something needs to be done about too many people on the planet.

Pat LoVerme
South Pasadena

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