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UFC 154: Georges St. Pierre unifies title with bloody win

November 17, 2012|By Todd Martin
  • Carlos Condit, bottom, battles with Georges St-Pierre during their UFC welterweight title fight.
Carlos Condit, bottom, battles with Georges St-Pierre during their UFC… (Ryan Remiorz / Associated…)

UFC welterweight title: Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit

Georges St. Pierre at only 31 is already one of the legends of the sport. With a sparkling 22-2 record, no unavenged losses, and wins over just about every elite fighter of his generation, few fighters can match the credentials of St. Pierre. But St. Pierre is coming off a serious ACL injury and hasn't fought in a year and a half. St. Pierre didn't look that impressive in his last fight against Jake Shields, either. Condit won the interim UFC welterweight title by defeating Nick Diaz in February and is 13-1 in his last 14 fights. It's a stiff challenge for a fighter coming off a major injury. Stylistically, St. Pierre leans more on his wrestling while Condit leans more on his striking. However, both men have won fights standing and on the ground and have no significant weaknesses. It's an excellent matchup.

Round 1. St. Pierre is the aggressor at the start, moving towards Condit. Condit throws a few counter strikes while circling away. St. Pierre lands the first solid punch as Condit is circling out. They exchange leg kicks and Condit circles out again. St. Pierre shoots for a takedown less than two minutes in and gets it. Condit looks to maintain guard while St. Pierre tries to pass into side control. Condit gets full guard but St. Pierre drops down some punches. St. Pierre begins to open up more as the round progresses. Condit is able to defend pretty well but isn't able to threaten at all from his back beyond throwing light punches from the bottom and occasionally moving up his hips. Condit stands up at the close of the round but is cut by an elbow in the process. He's bleeding above and to the right of his right eye. 10-9 St. Pierre.

Round 2. Condit opens up early with a series of punches and kicks but nothing lands. Condit does land a nice body punch. St. Pierre mixes in a few high kicks of his own in the exchange. St. Pierre lands a solid straight right punch that is the best early shot of the round. Condit answers with a straight right of his own. Condit lands a body punch but eats a counterpunch as he flies in with a knee. As Condit throws a kick, St. Pierre takes him down with two minutes left in the round. St. Pierre moves into half guard and throws some punches from the top. Condit is bleeding badly at this point but luckily for his sake it is not going into his eyes. Condit looks to set up an armbar but doesn't come close. St. Pierre works from inside Condit's guard. Condit stands up at the very end of the round and they trade punches at the close. 10-9 St. Pierre.

Round 3. Condit drops St. Pierre with a head kick. He follows to the ground with punches looking to end the fight. St. Pierre is just covering up and trying to survive. St. Pierre finally gets up 90 seconds into the round but his feet don't look all the way sturdy. St. Pierre, however, lands a few punches and slams Condit to the ground. St. Pierre drops down a few elbows as Condit throws punches from the bottom. St. Pierre continues to work over Condit but isn't able to do substantial damage. Hard round to score because St. Pierre had the control but Condit landed the best blow of the fight thus far. 10-9 Condit.

Round 4. St. Pierre aggressively moves forward with punches in order to close distance for a takedwon. He succeeds in securing it less than a minute into the round. St. Pierre goes back to work with punches. Condit throws punches from the bottom, which may not be a wise strategy relative to tying up St. Pierre for a standup or concentrating on setting up a submission attempt. Condit looks for a triangle choke briefly but isn't able to set it up. St. Pierre works back into half guard and throws a few punches. Condit reverses and takes top position. St. Pierre then stands up and takes Condit back down. 10-9 St. Pierre.

Round 5. The fighters exchange kicks and Condit lands a spinning back kick. St. Pierre shoots for a takedown but Condit is able to defend it. St. Pierre lands a heavy right punch and goes back to work. St. Pierre lands a few punches and takes Condit down again with two minutes left in the fight. Condit is going to need a miracle. Instead, St. Pierre continues to work Condit over. Condit looks to stand up but St. Pierre threatens to take the back and then retakes top position. St. Pierre goes back to work with punches as the final seconds of the clock wind down. 10-9 St. Pierre, 49-46 St. Pierre.

Winner: Georges St. Pierre, unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45).

St. Pierre after a lengthy layoff and serious injury came back looking as impressive as ever. He mixed his top flight wrestling with solid striking that kept Condit off balance. He also showed heart in surviving serious danger in the third round. St. Pierre is a fighter who throughout his career has consistently thrived when challenged and he did so yet again tonight.

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