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Letters: A rush to judgment

November 18, 2012

Re “Obama angered by GOP attacks,'' Nov. 15

We live in an era in which we demand instant answers. We demand to know now what caused an incident within minutes of its occurrence.

Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice has become the fall guy for trying to satisfy our insatiable and impatient demands.

When she made the statements about the attack on the Libyan consulate, perhaps it was the first and only information she had received at that time.

As the facts became known, the media and the public were informed.

In my opinion, the fault lies with our expectation of immediate answers to often complex issues.

Arthur Friedman
Newport Beach

Talk about sore losers.

Arizona Sen. John McCain is clearly out to get revenge over losing to President Obama in 2008 by going after the president's yet-to-be-made nomination of Rice as the next secretary of State.

The same man who put Sarah Palin within a heartbeat of the presidency is now calling Rice unqualified.

Who would have thought McCain would turn out to be such a partisan, cranky old man — and the worst spokesperson for a Republican Party in complete disarray.

Susan Stoller
Los Angeles

Kudos to Obama for defending Rice from the cheap shots of Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

Rice's report on the events in Benghazi was based on the best information available immediately after the fact. Sadly, four Americans lost their lives during the attack on our consulate there.

Unfortunately, thousands of young Americans lost their lives in the U.S. war against Iraq based on faulty information from the Bush administration before the fact. Where was or is the senators' outrage about that?

McCain and Mitt Romney should have learned by now that standing with the right-wing bomb throwers of talk radio is for losers.

Phil Wilt
Van Nuys

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