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Letters: More to life than youth and sex

November 18, 2012

Re “The frump factor,” Opinion, Nov. 15

I couldn't have put it better than Meghan Daum.

In this country, the “frump factor” is where it's at. And it doesn't end there. Besides the frump factor, we hold different ethnic groups to a double standard, and those of us who are overweight to a double standard.

Until we realize that we're all in this together and that the good is on the inside of our brothers and our sisters, then I know our journey is far from over.

Larry Schwimmer
Imperial Beach

Re “The Petraeus affair,” Editorial, Nov. 13

The message conveyed in your editorial and in the television news shows is clear: David H. Petraeus' problem was his wife. She hadn't had a makeover. She hadn't had a face-lift.

What a message to women: Being a loving wife and a good mother is not enough; growing older is unacceptable. In addition to everything else you do, you are to have face-lifts. You are to stay young-looking forever. You are to keep your husband out of contact with attractive women (even when he is away from home).

Come on. Isn't it time someone speaks up for honesty and loyalty and love and caring, in addition to youth and sex?

Ariel S. Compton
Newport Beach

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